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Online Shopping
It is an online web application which makes business online. This Kind of web site is based on online sales with product managemen, sales management and payment gateway integrated. It can include of payment gateway and SMS Gateway to provide good service to end users.

Transport Management
It is an desktop application developed in VB.NET It is office automation system for lorry transport company deals with small and big parcel service

Lorry Transport Syatem
This application Covers following Modules

  1. Booking System
  2. Delivery System
  3. Stock Management
  4. Transshipment System
  5. Transport System
  6. Customer Management
  7. Local Transshipment
  8. Third Party Booking
  9. Third Party Delivery
  10. Billing System
  11. Due Collection System
  12. Reporting System
  13. Full Load System
  14. Loading System
  15. Unloading System
  16. User Management System
  17. Management Information System
  18. Database Management System
  19. Customize Reports
  20. Goods Searching System
  21. Excess and Shortage Adjustment System
  22. Multiple User Interface
  23. Customer Accounting System
  24. Vehicle Management System  
  25. Driver Management
  26. Third Party Transport System
  27. Local Transport System
  28. Vehicle Loading System
  29. Lorry Management System
  30. Multi Branch Integration
  31. Payment System

Education Solutions
Our OnLine Educational Systatem solution based on customer requirements and their enduser expectations then provides solution based on customer feasability and their business strategy.
It covers Following modules

  • management login & institution management system
  • Principal Login, Attendance management system & HOD management system
  • HOD login, Attendance management system, syllabus, course management & staff management system
  • staff login, syllabus management & student management system
  • NEWS management
  • Placement management
  • Careers management
  • Alumni association activities system
  • Course, departments, facilities, principal disk staff management systems
  • student login
  • placement NEWS

Online Travells Agency
This Application is to manage a Travel Agancy by using online application with multiple user type like Administrator, Branch office Manager, branch staff, customer.
Main feacture
   Online Ticket Booking
   Online Customer Login
   Online Payment Gateway
   Online Office management
   Bus Management system
   Agency office management system
   Booking office management system
   Customize Bus Route system
   Customize Tariff system

Real Estate Management system
This is to Display the ongoing , upcoming and completed project in there web site also have to display the broucher of each and every project also it shows the available flate or site in web site

Main feacture
   Project management system
   Brouchear Management system
   Offers and NEWS management system

Support Ticket Management system

     This project is an online support ticketing system management this company have multiple branch through out globaly we have developed online application for indian based company they have lot of software products and large number of customer this system helps him to manage the customer support.